Pakistani Actress Sahar Shinwari FIR Against Pakistan Team

Sahar Shinwari FIR Against Pakistan Team: The current performance of Pakistan team in Asia Cup is not as expected. Asia Cup 2023 has been very bad for Babar Azam’s Pakistan team. After the defeat by Sri Lanka, Pakistan team will not be able to make it to the final of Asia Cup 2023. Actress Sahar Shinwari has expressed disappointment towards the entire Pakistan team after losing to India in the Super-4 round. Shinwari also threatened to lodge an FIR against the entire Pakistan team. This might probably create trouble for the Pakistan cricket team as it is trying to save itself in the upcoming matches. Let’s see why Pakistani actress Sahar Shinwari FIR Against Pakistan Team?

In the Super 4 round of Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of its arch-rival India and lost by 228 runs. After this defeat, the entire Pakistan team is being heavily criticized. Pakistani actress Sahar Shinwari is so angry that she wants to send the entire team to jail. Shinwari has vented his anger on Pakistan captain Babar Azam and his team and also threatened them. This match definitely seriously hurt me!

Why did Pakistani actress Sahar Shinwari FIR Against Pakistan Team?

After Pakistan’s disappointing performance, Sahar Shinwari expressed her disappointment on her social media account. She was not happy with Pakistan’s performance and did not hold back in expressing her disappointment. She said, “I am filing an FIR against Babar Azam and his team because they always play with our national sentiments instead of playing cricket.” It is clear that Sahar Shinwari is one who speaks her mind and she He is passionate about his country’s cricket team.

I want to remind you of the high voltage match between India and Pakistan which was delayed by two days due to rain. This was the only match of Asia Cup 2023 for which a reserve day was kept. On the strength of its batting, the Indian team scored 356 runs in just 50 overs, thanks to the brilliant centuries of Virat Kohli (122*) and KL Rahul (111*). The Indian team had scored these runs by losing only two wickets. In response, Pakistan team came under pressure and was all out for just 128 runs in 32 overs.

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